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Centuri, Inc. is a subsidiary of Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. Driven by similar values, we co-developed and share our Environmental and Sustainability Commitments.

Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. (“Company”) continually strives to provide services to our customers in a safe and environmentally responsible manner by promoting the protection and preservation of natural resources. The Company’s management is committed to meeting federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations.

Employees are required to fully comply with all state and federal laws relating to the environment in the conduct of its business. All hazardous materials must be used, stored, and disposed of properly and in accordance with applicable regulations. Employees must report, in accordance with applicable Company policies, all circumstances under which hazardous materials or waste come in contact with the environment, are improperly handled or disposed of, or when a potential violation of law may exist. We also participate in the legislative and regulatory process to ensure that rigorous, scientifically balanced environmental input is considered.

The Company recognizes that protecting the environment is important to the quality of life for the betterment of communities we serve. We communicate relevant environmental policies and activities to stakeholders, employees, customers, stockholders, and the community, including the disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions on the Company website in accordance with industry standards such as the American Gas Association Sustainability Template. Additionally, the natural gas segment continually identifies and proposes energy efficiency programs for customers to regulatory agencies for approval.

Through prudent business practices, the Company is committed to ongoing evaluation and deployment of the most effective energy-efficient technologies and conservation practices in our facilities, and to pursuing air emissions reduction programs from our fleet of vehicles, with efforts recorded in our sustainability report. The Company continues to develop opportunities for investment into renewable natural gas and other low-carbon and sustainable technology.

Efforts at the Company to minimize our environmental footprint and help customers meet their environmental goals are managed by two internal committees composed of senior executive management who meet regularly and oversee the policy-making process. Management provides regular reports to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee. The committee is comprised of independent directors elected by the board who oversee all environmental, social, and governance matters.