Introducing Centuri’s Inaugural Sustainability Report

Introducing Centuri’s Inaugural Sustainability Report

As One Team we are making a positive impact through our work in communities across the U.S. and Canada. Stepping back to look at our collective impact in the areas of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance—otherwise known as ESG—can give us all a greater sense of pride knowing our company is making a difference for good.

Our inaugural report centers around the theme of Building Better, which embodies the spirit of our ESG initiatives and the ways we are building a better future for our employees, customers, communities, stakeholders, and the planet.

Advancing ESG continues to be a major part of our enterprise strategic plan. Drawing from the guiding principles of our Sustainability Framework and Think Ahead philosophy, we are working to build a business that lasts. That includes having robust ESG initiatives that contribute to the success of our organization while benefiting the people and places around us.

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We also live and work in the place you call home, and our interest goes beyond the job site to the people and places that make each community special. You can find Neuco employees – as individuals and in groups – coming together and taking part in events across New England.